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Private Schools


Southeast Quadrant


Crary Center: Waterford Durant High School

Waterford Cyber Academy

501 N. Cass Lake Rd.


Haviland Elementary

5305 Cass Elizabeth


Mott High School

1151 Scott Lake Rd.


Donelson Hills Elementary

2690 Wewoka


Oakside Scholars Charter School

355  Summit Dr. 48328



Southwest Quadrant


Oakland Community College

Cooley Lake/Hospital


Houghton Elementary

8080 Elizabeth Lake Rd.


Beaumont Elementary

6532 Elizabeth Lake Rd.


Riverside Elementary

5280 Farm Rd.


Knudsen Elementary

5449 Crescent Rd.




Northwest Quadrant


Kingsley Montgomery School

4265 Halkirk


Great Start Readiness Preschool
4241 Steffens Street


Schoolcraft Elementary

6400 Maceday Dr.


Stepanski School

6010 Hatchery Rd.


Kettering High School

2800 Kettering Dr.


Pierce Middle School

5145 Hatchery Rd.



Northeast Quadrant


Children's Village

1200 N. Telegraph Rd.


Mason Middle School-South Campus

3835 W. Walton


Grayson Elementary School

3800 W. Walton


Cooley Elementary

2000 Highfield St.



A portion of Waterford residents attend Clarkston and Pontiac Schools


Waterford Virtual Academy