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Why Pray? "When God intends great mercy for His people, the first thing He does is to set them a praying." - Matthew Henry In mid-May 2011 I felt impressed to begin to set aside some time to specifically pray for my home town Waterford, Michigan. Of course the Bible encourages all Christians to pray for their government and I must admit I had not always been consistent in doing this. 1 Timothy 2:1-3 says to pray for all those in authority so that we can live a peaceful life. After this initial impression, I began to pray not only for the leaders of Waterford but also for the Township itself including its residents, churches, schools and businesses, for the safety, the economy and the spiritual health and growth of the Township. If it seems strange to you to pray for a city or region then consider some biblical references to God's opinion and plans for certain cities. Jesus gave warnings to certain cities because of their unbelief after witnessing many miracles, (Matthew 11:20-24). Jonah was able to warn Nineveh about the consequences of their current actions enabling them to avoid destruction. "New" Jerusalem, the heavenly city that descends from Heaven at the end of this age is described as a great and holy city that is lit by the glory of God itself, (Revelation 21). You see, God not only has love and plans for individual people but for cities as well. Of course cities are made up of individual people and families so ultimately when praying for a city you are praying for the people. When the people of a city find and fulfill the purpose of God in their individual lives, then the city will flourish with life, health, growth, peace, prosperity, creativity--all that God's good blessings bring. Why a Website? There are two reasons for this website. The first is to encourage the people who are praying for this township. This common bond of prayer will strengthen and encourage us as we know we are not alone in our desire to see God's best for Waterford. Each one of us has a different perspective and when we share them with each other we can more fully understand God's plans for this town. We each carry a puzzle piece that will show the big picture when we put them together. The Waterford Church is one church in God's eyes. Each of us have a place and purpose. My prayer is that all of His people find and fulfill His purpose for them. The second reason for this website is to have a documentation of the history of prayers over Waterford. A place to record the hovering, the pondering, the brooding and the planning of the Spirit of God over Waterford. In Genesis 1:2 we read that the Spirit of God moved upon, or hovered and brooded over, the earth just prior to God creating the earth as we know it. He was pondering and reflecting about what to do with the earth. God is not hasty or impulsive, He plans ahead of time what He is going to do! Now, through our prayers, He is hovering over Waterford making plans. He reveals His plans to those who are listening and looking for them. This website is a place where the plans and revelations from the Spirit can be recorded so we may pray for them to happen. There are things that will only happen when God's people pray for them to happen. The more who pray, the more quickly and accurately we will be able to build His kingdom here. In Ecclesiastes 4:12 we read that one may be overpowered by another, that two can withstand him, but a threefold cord is not quickly broken. If you are a resident of Waterford Township, Michigan then I hope you find encouragement through this website knowing that God loves you enough to have people pray for you. I would love to hear from those of you who are praying so we can add more pieces to the prayer puzzle and discover the full, beautiful picture of Waterford! Rose Murdock