The Bible Papers


Bible Papers are one page Bible lessons for kids. They were created with the idea of parents printing them off and using them as a quick Bible lesson to help kids open their hearts and minds to the Lord during the too often busy time in the morning while getting ready for the day.


Of course they can be used anytime but whenever they are used its best if parents go over the Bible Papers with their child. They are a great way to open doors of discussion and teach your child important lessons regarding the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ.


There are two sets of Bible Papers. One for boys and one for girls. They are the same lesson but some of the pictures are different. These lessons are from the NIrV of the Bible.

Each part has ten lessons, which cover highlights of the Old Testament, with references to the New Testament.


If you have trouble downloading them, please let me know and I might have to reduce the number of lessons in each part. Contact us at: or use the Contact Page.


Feel free to print, copy and use these Bible Papers for personal use or to give away. They are not to be sold.